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The SEC has lived to fight another day in its case against Mark Cuban over his sale of shares in Mamma.com. Judge Sidney Fitzwater denied Cuban’s motion for summary judgment, and it now looks like the billionaire investor will be headed to trial. 

Ernest Badway, recently, appeared on one of the top-rated business programs in India, The Firm, to discuss United States District Court Judge Barbara Jones’ dismissal of a major securities class action involving a major, Indian based, multi-national company, Satyam.  The Firm airs on CNBC-India.  The video is in two parts.  Please click ‘Next’ icon on the bottom

The SEC, recently, sued a private equity fund adviser for, among other things, allegedly violating Investment Advisers Act of 1940 Rule 206(4)-7, for failing to have procedures requiring verification of client signatures and instructions by a second person.  See http://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/2012/comp-pr2012-244.pdf.


The SEC stated that the RIA and its principal made certain unauthorized transactions and

money.jpgNever, under any circumstances, should you have your client sign an account opening document in blank, for you to complete at some later time.  To most of you, this is not much of a secret, but I have seen it enough in my practice of defending brokers to know that it happens all too often.

idea.jpgIn our hyper-fast world, financial advisors, like many in the service sector, have become lazy.  Let me be clear, I think financial advisors are working harder than ever to service their clients in these challenging times for which they should be commended.

The laziness to which I refer is that I see financial advisors taking

The Second Circuit ruled that the First Amendment trumps the federal government’s enforcement off-label marketing prohibitions. The decision could change the face of pharmaceutical compliance and limit criminal, regulatory, and civil exposure to government and private plaintiffs.
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