It is almost axiomatic that the SEC “enjoys” bringing enforcement actions against lawyers.  The SEC believes that lawyers have a special duty to protect and police the securities markets, and, when a lawyer fails, the SEC is right there to pounce.

In fact, the SEC fined and barred an attorney from practicing before the Commission

The CFTC announced today that it had a record enforcement year.  The CFTC filed 102 enforcement actions in its fiscal year ended September 30, 2012, which is up slightly from the 99 actions it filed in fiscal year 2011.  Prior to the Dodd-Frank Act, the CFTC filed just 57 cases in fiscal year 2010.  The

Chairman Schapiro recently announced several technology enhancement initiatives that are designed to improve the SEC’s enforcement efforts and business practices.  These initiatives were certainly designed to enhance the SEC’s ability to monitor activity to bolster its quiver of ammunition against improper activity.

Among other things, the SEC implemented new search capabilities that permit SEC staff

FINRA recently commented on its enforcement actions and fines over 2011.  If anything, the statistics show that broker-dealers are on notice of two things: (1) FINRA is aggressively pursuing enforcement actions; and (2) FINRA is seeking larger fines in enforcement proceedings.  As such, now is as good a time as ever for broker-dealers to revisit their

Recently, the SEC amended its rules to create a separate Office of Ethics Counsel. The Ethics Counsel will now report directly to the Commission’s Chairman.

This organizational change is important for the SEC since previously documented ethics abuses still linger in the press.  This new chain of command will allow the Ethics Counsel to serve

In a letter to certain senators, SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro has requested new statutory power to enhance the SEC’s Enforcement program’s effectiveness. In particular, the SEC is seeking statutory upgrades in five areas.

The first new power would be to increase the SEC’s ability to impose fines on individuals and entities up to $1 million

The SEC adopted a rule requiring hedge fund and private equity fund advisors to report systemic risk data.  The new Form PF was jointly developed by the SEC and the CFTC in consultation with members of the Financial Stability Oversight Council, to satisfy Dodd Frank Act Sections 404 and 406. 

In particular, for hedge, private

An independent public interest group has asked the SEC’s Inspector General to investigate press reports that Staff members are using private e-mails to conduct agency matters to avoid oversight by the SEC’s IG. 

Given the activity of the SEC’s IG over the last several years, the Staff seems reluctant to have their conduct under public