U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

This week, the CFTC approved a NFA Interpretative Notice that prohibits a Member from accepting credit card payments from customers to fund retail forex accounts.  The NFA recently reviewed how customers fund their retail forex accounts and found that customers overwhelmingly funded their trading accounts using a credit card.  The NFA noted that credit cards

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buyholdsell.jpgIn recognition of the pervasive use of social media, the SEC recently issued guidance that public companies could disseminate material information through social media without violating Regulation FD.  The question remains what is the best way to use social media in this fashion.

The critical aspect of complying with Regulation FD is to make sure that

confusion.jpgLawyers have often been the brunt of cruel jokes. But now, a recent study reported on by the Bureau of National Affairs shows, lawyers are the target of securities regulators. Why the sudden interest?

For one, cooperation initiatives between regulators and those caught violating securities law convince these people to turn on their lawyer who

pointing.jpgFINRA recently proposed amending Rule 8313 regarding the public release of disciplinary complaints and decisions.  For anyone conscious through the financial crisis commencing in 2008, this proposal should come as no shock.  Regulators are becoming more and more all about public disclosures.
FINRA has proposed, among other things, to allow for the public release of unredacted disciplinary complaints or

Over the last several years, Congress and industry insiders have discussed whether it is time to merge the SEC and CFTC.  After some high-profile regulatory lapses by both agencies, Congressional studies indicated that the lapses were due, in part, to the lack of coordination and failure to share information between the agencies.  In late 2012

The SEC is actively encouraging companies to contact the SEC before making a public announcement.

The SEC has indicated that it has its Staff reviewing Form 8-K disclosures.  These reviews concentrate on changes in auditors, directors or officers.  The SEC Staff then will follow-up with the company to inquire as to the basis for the announcement and its