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Recently, SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher stated that he was not in favor of allowing the Commission to retroactively impose a collateral bar.

Although there certain administrative proceedings have looked into this question, for example, In Re Lawton, where SEC Chief Administrative Law Judge Brenda Murray refused a retroactive application, there has been very little guidance

The SEC Enforcement Division’s chief accountant has gone on record as saying that, in every SEC accounting case, the SEC Staff reviews auditor conduct. 

The chief accountant stated that the SEC Staff looks at improper revenue recognition; understated expenses; financial crisis related accounting issues regarding loans and securities; as well as cross-boarder issues.  These reviews are done in conjunction

In its continuing enforcement onslaught on firms emanating from China, the SEC filed another action in the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana against a Chinese company. 

The SEC alleged that the company mislead investors regarding its value in a variety of press releases.  Further, the SEC claims that a number of

Recently, the SEC Enforcement Director was promoting the SEC’s successes, offering credit to the restructuring and hiring of securities specialists that he undertook. 

The Enforcement Director also indicated that the 37 cooperation agreements the SEC has agreed to have assisted the SEC in obtaining a wide variety of enforcement victories.  The Enforcement Director also suggested that the whistleblower

We wanted to share with you a great article co-authored y one of our partners, Alain Leibman, along with our colleague, Jana Volante.  The article’s title is “Attacking Eyewitness Identification Testimony, in BNA’s Criminal Law Reporter, and is located at

Alain also composed an ensemble piece in the ABA’s journal called, Litigation, and that peice is located

The battle lines are being drawn over Congressman Bachus’ bill which would authorize one or more self-regulatory organizations for investments advisers.  Many have believed that FINRA would be the obvious choice to take on this new role.  Not Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the second-highest ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee; she favors the SEC keeping oversight