The SEC Division of Investment Management determined that a solictor may receive a fee for the soliciation of clients for registered investment advisers notwithstanding a Commission administrative order against her.  See Matter of Stephanie Hibler,

In deciding to allow the solicitor to receive cash solicitation fees, the SEC staff noted in its

The SEC’s Division of Trading and Markets stated that it would not recommend enforcement action if a “mergers and acquisitions broker” were to engage in the sale or purchase of a privately held company without registering as a broker-dealer under Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Section 15(b). Lee M&A Brokers, SEC, No-Action Letter, avail,

In an interesting no-action letter presented by FINRA, the SEC staff granted relief in that where FINRA saw multiple class ownerships where some of these classes indicate almost a relationship between a broker dealer and a customer, the staff would permit such ownership classes without it affecting SEC Exchange Act Rule 15c3-3.

The SEC would

The SEC’s Division of Investment Management allowed a sanctioned broker-dealer official to be paid a cash solicitation fee from a RIA.  See J.P. Turner & Co. LLC, SEC No-Action Letter, avail. 9/10/12, and

The SEC Staff allowed the cash fees because the sanctioned official was not engaged in cash solicitation activities in his individual capacity.  The