I did another interview with LXBN TV this afternoon.  In some ways, it went better than the first.  Instead of an opening shot where I look like I’m trying to find the fastest escape route out of the imminent stammer-fest, now I just look really, really sad, like someone just yelled at a puppy.  And instead of a constantly perturbed glare throughout the interview, this video sees me sporting an awkward half-smile.  Improvements!!  At this rate, I’ll be hosting the Today show in no time.  (Meaning that there is no time that will ever exist during which I will host the Today show).

In other developments, finding a few errant commas and adding a line about the JOBS Act earned me a by-line on this handy overview of private equity and hedge fund regulations, which was primarily written by Josh Horn and Ernie Badway.  We’re a fairly prodigious bunch over here at the Securities Compliance Sentinel.

Finally, I should note as a clarification that I have no knowledge about the Facebook IPO litigation other than from what I’ve read in the news.  So my interview is mainly speculation and conjecture.