We recently let everyone know about a great resource from our colleagues in Canada.  Jill Yates’ work, Defending Class Actions in Canada, is the key resource for clients facing a class action in Canada.  It is also a great source of information for US lawyers looking to assist clients facing the possibility or reality of class actions litigation in Canada, including, but not limited to, a comparison of the class action regimes in the two countries as well as an analysis of cross-border influences. 

This book provides detailed coverage of every class action jurisdiction in Canada, provides a primer on the steps involved in class actions, sets out strategic considerations and provides an overview of the most recent significant developments in the law.  It also addresses particular sectors of class action activity, including securities disclosure, financial services, competition law and others.

Attached is a link to where the book can be purchased: http://www.mccarthy.ca/news_release_detail.aspx?id=5650

Please enjoy.