Fox Rothschild just issued another Corporate Alert on Crowdfunding.  The first was written by Michael Harrington, and I helped him with our latest.  These are just a few in a series we have planned on the JOBS Act, so stay tuned.  I’ll post links to all of them on the Securities Compliance Sentinel here.  Unlike most coverage of crowdfunding (including most of mine), we gave a little thought as to what crowdfunding might look like.

So take a look at it.  You won’t be disappointed.  Unless you thought that crowdfunding was going to upend the way we think of early stage finance and be a truly awesome paradigm-shifter that changes everything.  Then you’ll be really disappointed… like a Penguins fan‘s level of disappointment. 

And here is one more link for good measure: Power to the Crowd!  The Promise (and Pitfalls) of Crowdfunding!