money.jpgIn a recent InvestmentNews article by Stephanie Sammons, she highlighted that the major problem financial advisors have with social media is “knowing what to share on social networks.”  Assuming that your firm allows for you to market your services through social media, this article gave sound guidance on what customers and potential customers would want to receive through social media.

The five recommendations include:

  1. Share your own content.
  2. Share unique content from trusted third-party sources.
  3. Share your unique belief system.
  4. Share something about yourself, like a personal passion.
  5. Provide resources that answer common customer questions.

The themes of these suggestions are quite simple.  Offer something that your clients or prospects want for nothing, and do not be afraid to share something personal.  Why do these themes make sense?

First, clients and prospects all like to get something for nothing.  By doing so, you give these people the piece of mind that you are not all about your next commission.

Second, being a good financial advisor requires you to have solid interpersonal relationships with your clients.  By sharing something about yourself, you stand a better chance of personally connecting with a client.  Having solid personal relationships can only help you grow your business and, at the same time, maintain a sense of calm when the market heads in adverse direction.

The moral of the story.  Use social media to market yourself.  Everyone else does, why not you.

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