A recent report issued by Lisa Swan, formerly of the New York Daily News, noted that the financial industry still has not paid back $19 billion to the government.  The $19 billion is owed by almost 500 banks, but only represents 8% of the $244 billion provided in bailout funds.

Although there is no deadline to pay these funds back, as time has gone by, the Treasury Department is expecting that more banks will not repay these TARP monies.  However, many of the large firms have already repaid the bailout money to the government.  In fact, the Obama administration believes that the government will make $20 billion in profit from the bank bailout.  Alas, the picture is not that rosy.  The TARP monies that went to bailout AIG and the auto industry will probably cost over $37 billion.  As a result, the government will, in all likelihood, lose money on this project.

Consequently, the banks, who still owe money, present an opportunity for the government to, at the very least, breakeven if the Treasury Department could find someway to shepard the banks through this crisis.