FINRA recently sent out targeted exam letters focused compensation practices. The intent of this targeted exam is to assess how firms identify, mitigate and manage conflicts of interest when it comes to compensation paid to registered representatives.

This limited examination is designed for information gathering purposes and to determine best practices around the sale of

If there is any question that the SEC is focused on elder investor issues, look no further than its recent program announcement. The SEC initiated a program designed to examine retirement planning guidance.

Under this program, the SEC intends to explore whether the compensation advisers receive presents a conflict of interests and, if so, how

That is one of the questions FINRA sought to answer in its recent National Seminar Investor Initiative. FINRA confirmed that many representatives use such designations, but some of them are bogus or no better than a certificate you find as a prize in a cereal box.

The problem is that some representatives use these bogus

The Department of Labor delivered on a longstanding but controversial promise when it recently proposed a fiduciary duty rule for all brokers who work with retirement accounts. The primary purpose of the proposed rule is avoidance of conflicts of interest.

If the proposed rule becomes final in its current form, it will have the following

FINRA noted in its exam priorities that it will be focusing on firms’ compliance with the new supervision rules (FINRA Rules 3110, 3120, 3150 and 3170).  These rules became effective on December 1, 2014.

Now that two months have passed since their effective date, firms should have taken the changes into account in their written

Anyone in a service industry has had that dreaded feeling.  You see your email or caller identification and realize it is “that” client trying to reach you.  The client I reference is that extremely difficult client that we all have.

The natural inclination for many of us is to not take the call or respond

What do you do when your elderly client begins to make bizarre withdrawals?  Is there something wrong when your elderly client starts transferring funds to finance a Nigerian soccer teams?  What if a long lost relative comes on the scene and starts influencing the investments and cash withdrawals of an elderly client? 

Unfortunately, many financial

FINRA recently sanction a registered representative for tweets made some time ago.  The offending tweets referenced a stock that he did not disclose that he owned and were otherwise biased and not backed up by facts. 

The registered representative was fined $15,000 and given a ten day suspension.  In the larger scheme of things, a