confusion.jpgLawyers have often been the brunt of cruel jokes. But now, a recent study reported on by the Bureau of National Affairs shows, lawyers are the target of securities regulators. Why the sudden interest?

For one, cooperation initiatives between regulators and those caught violating securities law convince these people to turn on their lawyer who may have been involved in the offering. After all, clients do not owe their lawyers a fiduciary duty.

Second, lawyers may have malpractice insurance that cover their actions. As such, there is a financial incentive for regulators to target lawyers.

So what can securities lawyers do to protect themselves? Unfortunately, there is no sure fire way to protect yourself as regulators will look in the direction of anyone associated with an offering that results in a securities violation.

The best protection for lawyers is to be vigilant when it comes to client selection. Also, be certain that you are comfortable with the content of the offering to avoid being accused in promulgating a fraudulent statement.

Be diligent and careful if you are a securities lawyer, and avoid being a trophy on a regulators’ mantle.


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