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Recently, the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicated that they are working on enough insider trading cases regarding the hedge fund industry to take them five

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The SEC approved a number of rule changes promulgated by the MSRB to facilitate risk-based examinations for participants in the municipal securities industry.  These municipal securities industry participants are, generally, FINRA

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Late last week, one of my colleagues sent me an e-mail where he copied 8 other people, half of them I could not identify if my life depended upon it.  I then

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Although the use of social media has been embraced by many industries, it is of particular concern for investment advisors and broker-dealers.

In many situations, the use of these outlets

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The Securities Industry and Financial Market Association (“SIFMA”) indicated to its membership that those who engage expert networks – entities referring paid industry professionals to third parties for fees &ndash

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My colleague, Josh Horn, has written an amazing article that should be on every compliance officer’s desk.  It details methods for investigating and responding to ponzi schemes. 

In this day

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Thought you might be interested in a recent podcast I did concerning my securities law practice. Reading Securities Podcast with Ernest Badway