State Enforcement

As recently reported in the Investment News, the North American Securities Administration Association (NASSA) reported on the results of state coordinated examinations. The relative good news was that there were
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On January 1, 2013, California joined Maryland and Illinois in restricting securities employers’ access to their employees’ and job applicants’ social media accounts.  This new law was announced on Twitter, and

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The SEC’s Division of Trading and Markets released guidance on the JOBS Act’s elimination of restrictions on analyst communication and research reports concerning initial public offerings of emerging growth companies.


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Private equity companies have recently been hit with a barrage of regulatory subpoenas.

Responding to these subpoenas may cost the private equity firms to expend millions of dollars.  These entities should

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This blog entry about hedge fund insurance coverage almost sounds like a car insurance commercial.  Sadly, both are critical in today’s modern society.

Given the current regulatory environment, volatile market conditions, and

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State securities regulators are going after investment adviser firms with a vengeance, including, but not limited to, seeking prison time for those who violate the their securities laws.

A recent NASAA report

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