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As of December 12, 2015, FINRA will release Form U-5s within three business days of a member firm’s submission, instead of the fifteen days currently provided for under Rule 8312.
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In order to have sound cyber-security protocols, you need to do more than just physically protecting your systems and having written supervisory programs. Specifically, you need to fully engage your
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The SEC and FINRA have made it very clear that they are focused on senior customers and elder abuse. Granted, firms must be focused on the elder customers, but, at
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The SEC recently issued an investor bulletin regarding one of our favorite topics; data security of customer accounts. The primary areas of the SEC’s focus were:

  1. Have a strong password,

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In a recent blog, Michael Volkov noted five ingredients to ensure a culture of compliance. Why should you care? It is quite simple, firms that do not promote a culture
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As recently reported in the Investment News, the North American Securities Administration Association (NASSA) reported on the results of state coordinated examinations. The relative good news was that there were
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