In the near 20 years that I have been defending financial advisors against claims, many of which brought by seniors, the biggest issue that I have seen is the failure to document the file in a proper manner. Why does this matter you may ask?Core Values

First and foremost, the way a file is documented tells a story about how the advisor managed the relationship. This is even more important now that there is an intense focus on suitability issues with senior investors. The better and more detailed the documentation in the file, the easier it will be to defend against any suitability claim.

Another key is to document all communications with your clients, especially seniors. This particularly comes into play when a client ignores your advice. When a client ignores your advice, an email or letter to the client detailing that action and the consequences for doing so are key, and can mean the difference between winning or losing a case.

One last comment deserves mention. If your file lacks documentation, do not try to recreate it after a client complains. Speaking from personal experience, recreating documents does not end well for the advisor. You can still defend yourself when file is documentation-light, but you can’t when you alter your file.

So remember, it is all in the documentation. Have very good documentation and protect yourself. Don’t document your file and roll the dice. The choice is yours.